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Luxurious organic skin care products made with time, love and care.

VETIA FLORIS is the first luxury organic cosmetic line for exceptionally high demands.

NaTrue certified, this high-quality beauty care range with 100% organic ingredients contains no alcohol, no synthetic materials, no parabens and no other preservatives. All VETIA FLORIS Products are equipped with the first-class three star NaTrue certification. The formulations achieve excellent results and are not only moisturizing, soothing and nourishing, but also have visible results against skin aging.

In addition to a velvety texture, a natural and fragrant perfume, they offer the best oils and excellent active ingredients which simultaneously slow the aging process, maintain and soothe irritated, sensitive skin. An attractive packaging completes the picture.

Every VETIA FLORIS product is also suitable for sensitive skin due to its natural anti-inflammatory properties.

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glowing.nature is exclusive distributor of Vetia Floris in Germany and Austria.

Swiss Code

Swiss Code uses pure active ingredients and mixes them to powerful concentrated serums that increase the moisture content and the skin radiance. These pure concentrated ingredients provide optimal moisture and support the renewal process of the skin.

In order to bring the skin visibly shine, you need only a few drops to complement and enhance your normal daily skin care!

The product series Swiss Code Pure and Swiss Code Bionic contain active ingredients in very high concentrations, all of which have proven effects:

  • Increasing the moisture content
  • Improve skin texture and smoothing of wrinkles
  • Visible radiant skin
  • Firming
  • UV protection

glowing.nature is exclusive distributor of Swiss Code in Germany and Austria.


Gentle force for youthful beauty

Some days your skin feels not so good as it actually could and with age it becomes more difficult every day to look perfect.

The range of SWISS CODE pure consists of seven pure concentrates with well-known ingredients. SWISS CODE pure complements your daily skin care program perfectly. Just by combining and supplementation with your usual skin care products you can reach a power boost of moisture and regeneration.

Every single drop of elixir maximizes the conditioning effect, resulting in a visibly radiant skin.

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Swiss Code Bionic - This is a trio of highly effective serums based on active stem cell concentrates in a highly concentrated cosmetic formula. Swiss Code Bionic uses the development processes and protection mechanisms, which has been created thousands of years by nature, and makes them available to you in form of highly effective, active serums that protect your skin and rejuvenate. To combat the visible signs of aging.

The concentrated bionic plant stem cells in Swiss Code Bionic used, are pure natural antioxidants and offer gentle efficient protection against the effects of UV rays, moisture and collagen loss - the visible signs of aging. The result: silky, protected skin - all day long.

The clear pure concentrates from Swiss Code Bionic are for additional application with your daily skincare products and to supplement the Swiss Code pure Concentrates. Absorbed quickly into the skin and boost its natural protective and regenerative capacities.

With a few drops in addition to your daily skin care routine - you will find everything again, what the years and elements have taken.

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Vetia Mare

Profound renewal - some things are worth waiting for

Vetia Mare - the new sensational luxury natural cosmetics brand uses intense revitalizing properties of the oceans for the skin. Biologically active components of ancient deep-sea organisms exert their regenerative effect. With the result of a sustainable rejuvenation and a highly-efficient anti-aging effect.

An exceptional and groundbreaking new skincare line for long-lasting results.
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glowing.nature is exclusive distributor of Vetia Mare in Germany and Austria.

Forrest & Love

Forrest & Love

In today's hectic lives we manage to take care of our tired bodies hardly while mind and spirit are also rarely consistent. Always restless, both looking longingly at rest. Forrest & Love Sachets of very different attempt is to give some rest, peace and positive energy our minds and our souls. With the help of long-forgotten but still magical gifts from nature.

The idea of Forrest & Love Sachets based on aromatherapy. But it does not always fit into the situation to attack a teapot with a corresponding oil and heat. The sachets are brilliant, while practical alternative. They are placed easily, depending on requirements, next to the bed, to work, to the learning course or beside him in the car. And they give off their fragrances subtle and natural.

There are five different fragrances:

    • Selo - Sensual Love Sachet: looking for the soul, the passionate sensual love
    • priest - Positivity Peace sachets: looking for the soul, the positivity and peace
    • Fome- Focus Meditation sachets: looking for the soul, concentration and meditation
    • envi - Energy Vibes sachets: looking for the soul, the energy and enthusiasm
    • setr - Serene Tranquility sachet: looking for the soul, the peace and serenity

Fome & Pope and Environment & setr is also available as smaller version of a set of 2 as car cushion.

All sachets are:

    • 100% AZO free dyed cotton
    • 100% Natural (only dried herbs, roots, spices, dusted with natural aromatic oils)
    • 100% Craft
    • 100% vegan
    • 100% biodegradable

They are manufactured in India, a small firm, which is also the social responsibility for its employees is aware.

We find - use a wonderful idea scents aromatherapeutically. Simple, practical, heavenly fragrant and actually raises only one question: Which pillow would you like?

glowing.nature is the exclusive distributor of Forrest & Lovefor Germany.

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