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aetherio - Organic aromatherapy sprays

aetherio Bio Raumsprays
aetherio Bio Raumspray

Love goes through the nose!

Gentle spray with essential oils for your baby, you and your child

Specially developed by us for babies and children, and made with the highest quality organic ingredients by hand, you can now use essential oils like lavender for your family. Our organic sprays help the little ones and their parents and interact with the gentle power of nature. So soft is only aromatherapy!

- aetherio are organic aromatherapy sprays with natural essential bio oils for babies, moms and children, which can be used anytime and anywhere

- Baby and family safe aromatherapy, ensured by our unique recipes. Our sprays contain only baby qualified oils, a gentle dose (0.5% and 1%) and a compared with normal sprays significantly reduced alcohol content

- Our formulas are based on scientific results

- Our sprays address typical challenges of young families and are easy and quick to use:
Baby helpers spray "overwrought and tired"
Baby helpers spray "bad day"
Mama helpers spray "coming down"

Mama helpers spray "Bablues"
Mama pampering spray "self-love"
Mama Baby Yoga Spray "Little Om"
Kids Monster Spray "not afraid"
Kids Helferspray „Hausaufgabenheld“

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glowing.nature supports aetherio as a commercial sales agent.

Go Organic Farma Dorsch

Go Organic - the successful natural cosmetics brand from Spain

More than 30 years ago the laboratories Fridda Dorsch were founded in Madrid from the doctor of Naturopathy Dr. Fridda Dorsch. Dr. Fridda Dorsch herself was suffering from a rare immune disorder that made their cells aging and as a result they told her that her appearance will age very early. Because of this, she decided to establish the first Spanish cosmetic line against cellular aging. Meanwhile their daughters are leading the company with with the same understanding like her mother: 100% active and safe cosmetic products for health and the environment. The Go Organic line is even 100% natural and organic origin.

In particular, the shampoo and the conditioner of Go Organic are famous in Germany by Queen Letizia of Spain, because - as the magazine Bunte discovered - also her highness is using the product. And it is in fact the first natural cosmetic shampoo with which I personally, with my thick hair, really can cope. Also the rest of Go Organic is great: a fabulous Aloe Vera Gel, which does not stick on the skin!, the first Natural Cosmetic Cream with SPF 30, a versatile Organic Oil (skin and hair), a Bio Peel with 100% biodegradable exfoliating particles and an Organic Cleansing Mousse for face and makeup. The shampoo is packaged in new innovative airless container - a withdrawal up to the last drop is guaranteed.

All products are certified by EWG

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glowing.nature is sales agency of Go Organic for the German-speaking countries.

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