glowing.nature philosophy

Our goal is to enrich the market of organic and natural cosmetic with excellent luxury brands.

Our carefully selected brands and products stand out by convincing and viable product concepts, natural and/or organic ingredients, and a particularly high quality combined with exclusive design.
We are convinced natural cosmetic fans: why should we supply our skin, our most important organ, with chemical ingredients, preservatives and even worse?

Indulge your senses

Nevertheless, we also believe that natural and organic cosmetic should be of high quality, it should pamper and indulge our senses. This applies to the consistency, the smell, the effectiveness and of course for the design.
We have made it to our mission to scout such products all over the world.

We choose brands carefully, paying attention to naturalness, efficacy, careful use of resources and good or outstanding design.

Brands of glowing.nature unite high demand, naturalness and something very special.

People behind glowing.nature

Ingrid Jasperbrinkmann

  • 25 years of experience in leadership and management level in the marketing and distribution of cosmetic
  • Areas: Marketing Management, Key Account Management, Training Management, Product Management, Brand and Marketing Management
  • Business coach with over 10 years of practical experience
  • Coach with more than 10 years of practical experience
  • 2008 Foundation of agency pro.marke Ltd.
  • 2015 creation of the business line glowing.nature to offer distribution and sales of luxury natural cosmetic